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"Dia Revelatio No.7"
wood, oil
81x52x3 cm
No. 7 is the culmination, the dissolution of oneself in an endless stream of energies. Self-awareness in the universe. I'm everywhere and nowhere. I am the eternal cycle of all manifestations. This series of levkas was created in different periods of life insights. These are the stages of realizing oneself and rethinking life as such. Seven stages of comprehension from the spirit and mind to the personal manifestation of a focused intention in the fullness of the revealed and manifested. As in life, which moves as a spiral, on canvases, moving forward, returning to yourself and rethinking the distance traveled. That's why some of the works are somewhat similar to each other. But this impression is only superficial. In fact, this is a fresh look at the same things, but in a new quality.