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"Dia Revelatio No.6"
wood, gold, silver, oil
66.5x50x3 cm
No. 6 - Awareness of oneself in being and among all the energies manifested in the universe. This series of works allows the viewer to immerse himself in the infinity of space expressed in levkas. Immerse yourself in the shimmering spiritual realm of "blue, yellow and red" and their variations. Harmonious combination of elements of nature in this series, create the completeness of the idea. The Tree is the basis of everything, Gold and Silver are the element Metal, Air is the Space itself and the Earth is the paint. In the unity of these elements, the purity of the revelations expressed in pictures was manifested. This series of paintings go beyond the physical space of the canvases themselves. These artworks do not have "limitations and frames" because the manifestation of these revelations is unlimited. These artworks are the windows of the infinity of the spiritual realm. Images expressed on canvases, reflect not only my revelations but also suggest seeing the revelations of each viewer.