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The Symbolism and Magical Realism in the Artworks of Oleksandr Serdiuk

In the visual arts, Oleksandr Serdiuk keeps a balance between symbolism, magical realism and Contemporary Art, while he is continuing his dialogue with the classics, the surrealists. His artworks are based on the effect of the removal of the usual interpretation of the phenomena with the preservation of its recognition. His stories do not come through without plausibility and rarely move into abstraction while maintaining the accuracy of a given artistic image. Freud's theory of "free association" is also reflected in the work of Serdiuk, offering the beholder different points of view on the intangible environment.

The muted, the calm blue-gray color scheme is epitomized of picturesque of Serdiuk cycles. The emotion, predicted by the author, is born in the viewer as a result of beholding the quality of each plastic composition, rather than on a color expression. Externally, meticulously drawn items, the emphasis on the deformation of the individual parts, conciseness, and clarity of each character. Those are the important features that characterize Serdiuk's paintings.

The individuality of the artistic language the author is using consists in an archetype that is an instrument of communication with the audience. The mountains, sea, and the sky landscapes embody the atmospheric contemplation, detachment, and appeal to the depths of human nature. Rocky cliffs, covered with white fog, which spreads out at the foot of green meadows, calm water surface, reflecting the setting sun, the sky, with the shimmering starry radiance.

In addition to Serdiuk's paintings done in his characteristic manner, "conscious thought" continues in workflow with the volume. He creates installations, collages, art-objects using materials that are not typical to be utilized by painters. Those are fabric, wood, plastic, plaster, cardboard, precious metals, and stones. It should be noted that a realistic painting technique is still preserved, but the author is also moving away from deliberate magical realism into the realm of saturated mystical signs and symbols.

Stylistically, the conceptual works of Serdiuk are close to postmodernism but the artist is more inclined to rethink them in the realm of Contemporary Art. The method of citing game with meanings, images, experimenting with materials, color, texture, and composition. The artist admits that he only uses it in the search for capacious artistic expression. Paradoxically, he is one of the few authors who intently neglected the theme of war and the annexation of the Crimea. To the motif of the escalation, the collapse, and chaos artist prefers a figurative "conversation" about peace, harmony, enlightenment, and nature.

Today, Oleksandr Serdiuk is known as the painter whose works have already been exhibited at more than ten of exhibitions in Ukraine as well as abroad, particularly in Poland and the UK. The artist is open to creative dialogue with European galleries, art festivals, art collectors, as well as individual artists who wish to work within the framework of the new artistic projects.