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The Sacred Eroticism in the Artworks of Oleksandr Serdiuk

Oleksandr Serdiuk is a follower of the transfigurative art, which is based on the transformation and realized through to the mystification of a female image. Serdiuk's "Nu" has no detail, nor does it exclude outrageous, vulgar, pornographic, immoral or esthetics. His experimental search is on the verge of revelation Egon Schiele, Herbert Draper and meditative contemporary illustrations by Andrew Gonzalez.

Every bend of a naked female body is drawn with great painstaking. Outwardly simple stories carry a deep sense of the sacred. On his canvases, the author shows the sacred union of male and female. The spiritual and physical, conscious and the animal are woven together. The beholder becomes a mute witness of the release of energy and passion and a part of its flow.

In his Nu artworks, Oleksandr Serdiuk deepens the theme of Tantrism, Indian religious doctrine, in which body is a tool for improving mood. The main aim of his paintings is to depict a woman as a conductor to the world of fine fabrics, practice magic rituals to release the "divine", given to man by birth. Serdiuk's interest in the erotic images is not inspired by the era of consumption, which came after the sexual revolution. The passion for naked female nature is the result of the knowledge of the ancient teachings about the harmony of body and soul.

The plasticity, proportionality, absence of strict frontality Serdiuk takes over from ancient Greek and Renaissance sculptures, its central theme has always been a physically and spiritually perfect man. Another feature is taken from Hindu teachings. It is the image of a woman as an object of worship and admiration. Paradoxically, in his intendedly explicit (at first glance) graphics there is no notion of sin, lust, animal desire or violence. Lean female bodies, depicted in muted colors, emit heat, light playfulness, flexibility, a bewitching force generating love and life.

The creativity of Serdiuk in the genre of Nu is based on his reflection and obsession over the notion of intuitive knowledge. Do not forget that many of the classics, working with naked female nature, including Titian, Correggio, Rubens, didn't neglect doing paid work and selling it to guest houses and apartments of the nobility. Female portraits of Serdiuk look like as examples of the great predecessors, and they will naturally look so in the best galleries, art salons and in the most elegant hotels of Europe. Erotic paintings of the master are decorated with gold and precious stones. This creative method allows the artist to be associated with the art of enjoying luxury which has attracted people from time immemorial.