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The Meditative art of Oleksandr Seriuk

The theme of human striving for spiritual perfection is dominating in Oleksandr Serdiuk's artworks. That is why his paintings are deprived of literalness, thereby excluding any coverage of real events. He deliberately renounced from the "trend", and focused on practical psychology setting the task to clarify the nature of psychological phenomena. The author encourages to take some time off from external stimuli and accept silence.

The Meditation, according to Serdiuk, is the main tool for achieving absolute clarity. Looking at the painting, the author invites everyone to dive into the depths of his own subconsciousness. The artist has repeatedly mentioned that during his years of travel and yoga tours, he has perfectly mastered many esoteric practices. Among them there are deep meditative states, holotropic breathing as a way of going beyond spatial boundaries, producing new knowledge, communicating with the spirits of nature and absolute oneness with the Higher Self.

Being a medician by his first degree, Oleksandr Serdiuk seriously studied the typology of dreams, their nature and impact on human life. The practice of dreams interpretation was mastered by the author many years ago. It is also reflected in the bizarre stories in the paintings of the artist-symbolist. Oleksandr admits that he may explain the cause and purpose of each depicted image, many of which do not cease to surprise with their mysticism.

Serdiuk's mystical landscapes return their beholders to the magic realm of four elements: fire, water, earth and air. In painting, in order to achieve accurate reproduction of each characteristic, the author has used special materials: gold, wood, canvas, silver. The metaphor and mythology are the driving levers in Serdiuk's artworks. These elements, a fundamental principle of the universe, animated by the "divine mind" in his paintings are an amazing grandeur and beauty. There is no struggle, no dominion, nor attempts irrational exploitation. Only the absolute unity, spiritual cleansing, and adoption of the elements as a natural protector.

In his communication with a beholder, Serdiuk relies on the found archetype, the original pattern of visual, which we perceive intuitively. The narrative painting of the author is narrated by the search of 'absolute', the interaction with the universe, through the display of transcendent reality. The landscape and object composition, we could see through the prism of his own ideas about them that speak of the inevitability of a dialogue with the author. Spiritual and psychological phenomena of the soul, emptiness, death, love, all of them are in a picturesque and experimental realm of the artist.

Exploring the limitless capacity of a human being, Serdiuk translates his own discoveries. Rethinking his messages are gives us the opportunity for the development of energy centers, getting rid of obsessive-compulsive disorder, chakra activation, and most importantly, pushing oneself to the imminent self-encounter with the person one is probably still not acquainted with.