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Artistic statement
The Surrealism and Sacred Eroticism
in the Artworks of Oleksandr Serdiuk

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In the Ukrainian fine art, Oleksandr Serdiuk is known to be a surrealist, conceptualist and a representative of Late Contemporary Art. His creative pursuits are so diverse, and his field of experimentation is so wide that it seems impossible to fit the painter's work in the conventional framework of a particular movement art critics could define. The artworks of Serdiuk contain inherent elements of symbolism, surrealism, magic realism, postmodernism, neo- avant-garde etc.

Serdiuk's surrealistic scenes come out of his shift from the classical tradition of salon painting to depicting subconsciousness. The method chosen by the author is not accidental either. It demonstrates the elevation of spirit over matter, the connection between the Universe and a human being; it analyzes dreams, meditative states, the search for the divine Absolute and suggests a dialogue with classics and surrealists. The artist mostly works in the genres of Nu symbolic and surreal landscape, but he does not exclude his experiments with volume, creating installations and art objects.

Oleksandr's surreal landscapes do not come off as aggressive, they are not a riot of color, and as a consequence, they do not put any pressure on the beholder. Scenic artist loops are designed in a calm, mostly blue-gray color scheme. Emotions, the original cause of Serdiuk'a creative plan, are hidden behind the symbols of nature monumental grandeur and conscious human serenity that result from his focusing on the inner world. Serdiuk's landscapes return their beholders to the magic realm of four elements: fire, water, earth and air. The artist does not put any emphasis on the color or contrast. Instead, he focuses on the texture, color tone, and composition. This is why his paintings are typically perceived reflexively.

The mythological theme felt in the artworks of Oleksandr Serdiuk appeals to the unconscious, which is encoded in the general system of artist's generalizations. The earliest images of collective experience called archetypes are no less important in his works. In a broad philosophical context, Oleksandr Serdiuk displays metaphors inherent in classical symbolism. He works with allegories, allusions, and emotions frozen in time.

Each canvas expresses the freedom from narrow-mindedness, trying to follow the subtlest sensations, which are more characteristic to ancient civilizations, rather than modern humans. Serdiuk uses unusual painting materials in his artworks such as fabric, wood, and cardboard in order to triple the number of hidden meanings. His paintings are filled with many details, they often include a fantastic story while keeping a realistic painting technique.

Oleksandr Serdiuk

The artworks of Serdiuk are created in Contemporary Art genre. They reflect feelings of an individual living in the modern world and their current understanding of morality. The creativity of the artist is contemplative, it offers no radical solutions not being existential, and not calling to destruction or self-flagellation. On the contrary, it offers a plunge into the depths of a human soul. It should be noted that Serdiuk'a credo is Awareness. The artist admits that he is able to explain the nature of each image, color, and stroke, as, despite working with the irrational, 'rationality' of the artist is always switched on and is capable of finding capacious artistic expression.

Oleksandr Serdiuk's Nu paintings are devoid of details and quite symbolic. This artistic technique, i.e. the lack of portretisation, excludes the outrageous, vulgar, pornographic, and immoral which is why a lot of contemporary artists like to use it. Serduk's experiment is on the verge of a revelation of Schiele and neo-tantric connection of male and female. The plasticity of nudity, which is not always embodied in natural but in elegant poses, evokes the memories of ancient statues, as the figures in Serduk's paintings can be effortlessly divided into individual components. The author makes a point not only of the beauty of the female body in its general excellence but also its physical attractiveness (as an integral part of it). With that being said, eroticism still has exclusively sacred character in Serdiuk's artworks, treating a woman as an object of knowledge and admiration.

Kiev Modern Art Exhibition
Aerography — First award Diploma
First award Diploma
Art Director — Serdyuk Oleksandr
Grand Prix film festival “Kinoletopis”
Kiev Ukraine — First award
Art director — Serdyuk Oleksandr
8 November 2009
Exhibition "Autumn Podlaska",
the Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic
Bialystok, Poland
December 2009
Polish Salon „Poznaj Zmiany 2009”
Poznan, Poland
Polish Salon “Poznaj Zmiany”
Warsaw, Poland
The exhibition dedicated to the Earth’s
Day, Art Kvartira
Kyiv, Ukraine
Salon des Refuses
London, England
The article in ArtInform
Kyiv, Ukraine
“Arka” Gallery. Spring salon.
Kyiv, Ukraine
SLAVA FROLOVA`s “Art Picnic” Exhibition
‘Kilogram-Power-Kilometer’. The topic of
the exhibition is “energy”.
Kyiv, Ukraine
National Academy of Arts. Ukraine. Kyiv
“Ukrainian exhibition of fine arts”
Kyiv, Ukraine
Biennale D`Arte Della Versilia.
Massarosa, Italy
International Art Fairs
“L`Artiste du Monde”
Cannes, France